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Steamlining energy offtakes to power compute clusters for more equitable communities.

Natural Asset Tokenization Platform

Steamlining natural resource investing to enable new forms of natural wealth and income generation.

Creating Value in Resource Finance & Sustainability

Revolutionizing the energy transition one block at a time.

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The Foundation of the PermianChain Platform

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Catalogue, manage and create value from natural resources.

Making it simple for exploration & production (E&P) companies and registered market dealers to work together to achieve sustainable resource financing.

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Evolutionary marketplace for natural gas

Permianchain Supplier creates a new market where E&P companies can sell field-generated electricity to data center operations

Increased netback and net benefits to E&P companies

PermianChain Supplier allows E&P companies to benefit from digitally streamlined and automated arbitrage between natural gas (mcf/d) and electricity (kWh) using Smart Off-take Agreements (SOTAs).

Unlock untapped digital earnings for optimised cash flows

Option to register to digital currency mining pools. Convert digital earnings from onsite data mining into cash-flows. By deploying company-owned data centres, E&Ps can optimize cash-flows from each data mining operation with the potential for funding working capital requirements.

Trust protocol bringing together exempt market dealers (EMDs) and E&P companies

Enabling E&P issuers to work with EMDs to offer debt and equity investment opportunities as compliant digital securities in the form of smart contracts (i.e. ERC-20 tokens) on the blockchain (i.e. Ethereum) to accredited investors under available prospectus exemptions.

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Asset Tokenization

We are using the blockchain to tokenize confirmed deposits of natural resources so that they can be represented digitally as smart contracts on a blockchain. This means they can be traded quickly, efficiently and legally, without significant brokerage or administrative costs, far earlier than is currently possible. Blockchain-enabled functions allow for instant settlement, reduced holding periods, enhanced transparency, and digital automation.

Digital Energy Conversion

Our digital energy solution allows energy companies to host and operate blockchain data centres at their energy production sites. It’s an approach that monetizes idle, excess and/or wasted energy to create tangible value in environmental, social and governance (ESG) frameworks.

Crypto Mining

PermianChain provides cryptocurrency mining management solutions for a variety of audiences. We make it simple to do it yourself or to take a stake in industrial grade data centres alongside prominent institutional investors.

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PermianChain Technologies is a Toronto-based technology company that is focused on bringing efficiencies of the blockchain to natural resources. Creating value in resource finance and sustainability.

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