About PermianChain

Established in 2018, PermianChain Technologies Inc. is a blockchain start-up based in Toronto, Canada.

We’ve brought together a global team of specialists from the oil and gas, capital markets and technology sectors to create a permissioned access blockchain platform that will unlock liquidity and significantly enhance the way that natural resource reserves are funded, produced and traded.


Our mission

We want to bring the efficiency of the blockchain to natural resources, enhancing transparency and profitability across the sector

Our vision

We want to use technology to enhance the way that oil and gas is discovered, extracted managed and traded

Who we are

Our Team


Mohamed El-Masri

Founder & Chief Executive Officer


Michel Henriquet



Pratik Shah

Chief Operating Officer


Magnus Allan

Communications Manager


Xiao Peng

Software Engineer

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We have big ambitions for the next few years. If you’d like to join us

what we do

Harness the blockchain to augment investment and trading in the oil and gas sector through PermianChain

Oil & Gas Firms
Enhance back office
New revenue stream from crypto currency miners
Isolate and manage project
Cheaper energy costs
Simple management process
Choice of sites
Consistent revenue stream
Crypto Miners
Clear understanding of projects
Enhanced transparency
Low cost of reconcilation
Reduced barriers to entry
Enhanced project transparency
Simple investment management
Our approach

Consult, conserve, convert and capitalize, enabling digital business-models

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Providing E&P companies with ongoing consulting during the different stages of development

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Making better use of natural resources by preserving ownership through tokenization strategies

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Guide upstream companies through the development stages of converting resources to a digital store of value

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Enabling registered market dealers to unlock access to new sources of capital


Making natural gas cleaner

Providing power to the blockchain and enhancing the circular economy

The Challenge

Energy Challenge

An estimated US$900 billion cost of stranded energy assets required to support environmental policies, in addition to the 153 billion cubic feet of natural gas flared globally, a US$16 billion waste each year.

Blockchain Challenge

The growing digital economy demands increasing power to run blockchain data centres to secure networks and protocols while mining digital-assets such as bitcoin.

The Solution

PermianChain works with third party operators to register and tokenize natural gas resources that has been converted into affordable power (kWh) to supply electricity to data centres on-site.


Making it simple for the oil and gas sector to trade efficiently, reducing costs and attracting new investors


The oil and gas sector is phenomenally complex. Natural resources need to be sourced from producers transported, stored, blended and delivered


PermianChain’s blockchain-based gas-to-power marketplace lets users buy and sell field-generated power quickly and efficiently.

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PermianChain Technologies is a Toronto-based technology company that is focused on bringing efficiencies of the blockchain to natural resources. Creating value in resource finance and sustainability.

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