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PermianChain: reduce emissions and achieve flare gas monetization

PermianChain has developed a simple, cost-effective way to monetize natural gas that is currently flared or vented into the atmosphere. We use it to power onsite data centres, creating processing power for bitcoin and other crypto projects that can be traded on our global digital energy market.

It’s a low-impact way for oil and gas projects to achieve flare gas monetization. It creates value and revenue, and demonstrates an oil and gas project’s commitment to reducing emissions.

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Harnessing Stranded Natural Gas

Turning natural gas into power has never been a problem, but creating the infrastructure to move that power to market is expensive and time consuming. With many remote small to mid-sized projects, by the time the permits are granted and the pipelines built, the oil has already been extracted. As a result, the natural gas that tends to accompany an oil deposit is often flared or simply vented into the atmosphere.

This is both environmentally damaging and a colossal waste of natural resources, particularly given the rising demand for natural gas as a transitional fuel. Finding a way to efficiently monetize wasted gas would be a significant enhancement for the industry, both financially and environmentally.

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Creating A Market To Monetize Field Generated Power

PermianChain offers a simple way to take power from an oil and gas project and convert it into tokens that can then be traded on our global digital energy market. It’s a way of supporting innovative bitcoin and other crypto projects that enables oil and gas projects to enjoy a revenue stream from previously flared or vented natural gas.

We offer two ways to participate in the growing market for digital energy, we can either manage the process for you, or you can manage it yourself. Whichever route you take, you will discover a new market for wasted energy, a simple way to reduce emissions and an effective way to increase revenue.

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Managed Data Centres

We can procure, place and manage our inobtrusive data centres onsite, no matter how remote, so that blockchain, crypto and bitcoin projects can buy field generated power directly from the oil and gas firm at source.

It’s an efficient route to market for previously wasted natural gas that lets oil and gas companies enjoy an enhanced revenue stream from flared gas monetization without the distraction of managing the process.

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Self-managed Data Centres

Alternatively, we can give oil and gas companies the tools and access they need to bring their tokenised gas contracts to the global digital energy market themselves. Oil and gas companies that have self-deployed data centre mining operations have seen multiples ranging between 6x and 12x the natural gas spot price.

Self-managing can seem like a daunting prospect, but we have a team of specialist consultants that can help you through the process. We also offer tools such as our dedicated Natural Gas to Bitcoin calculator at Simply input daily gas production (MCF/d) and netback per MCF then click Calculate to see the potential results. Advanced settings are also available to adjust inputs and assumptions.

Whether managed or self-managed, PermianChain offers an efficient way to monetize flared or wasted gas, reduce emissions, and significantly increase profits from operations. If you’d like to read more about tokenisation and the digital energy market, please follow this LINK.

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